Suspended T-shirt SUPPORT FOR UKRAINIANS for women

By hanging up your T-shirt, you are helping Ukrainian families who lost their homes during the war. Things are transferred directly to families through the charity project

The war changed everything, took lives, crippled souls. And now our task is to help those who are more difficult.

Your suspended T-shirt will be given to people who need support, those who evacuated from the occupied territories or lost their homes.
They left with a backpack, and some even without it. That's all they have. Now they need to live somehow and think about the future. Of course, they need to get dressed, but it's not something they can spend their small savings on, and some people don't have it at all.
Together we can help them with basic necessities.

And you can also help with other things, choose a family yourself on the instagram page of the charity project

Thank you for your kindness and big heart♡